The Longest 3D Printed Bridge is being placed; a few nice short movies

Short movies of the longest concrete 3D printed Bridge being placed

The 3D printed concrete bridge is being placed now in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

 I’d like to share a few nice short movies, made by different crews, for different purposes. It is really cool to see it all from a distance. One ‘s even got decent music alongside of it.

The placing of the bridge is expected to last for at least another month. So if you would like to see these enormous concrete parts being put together and placed, go and see for yourself. 

The address: Zwanenveld 2245 – 2278, Nijmegen, or, from the other side of the bridge, Van Schuylenburgweg, bus stop Steve Bikoplein, Nijmegen.


This movie is just a teaser made for and shared courtesy of  Gemeente Nijmegen

This movie is made by a local broadcasting network: RN7 Nijmegen