Bridge Project

the Bridge project

I have been working on a design for a bridge. A 29 meters concrete 3D printed bridge to be more precise. I guess it will be the largest 3D printed bridge to date.

I was visited by the top of the ministry of Infrastructure and the top of Rijkswaterstaat (the Department of Waterways and Infrastructure) over a year ago, while working on 3D printing with concrete ( Not only where they astound by what they saw, but after my initial presentation the (former) Director General was so enthusiastic about it all, that he challenged me to come up with a bicycle bridge in 2020. The printer I worked with was too small and not ready, so they teamed me up with the people of the Technical University Eindhoven, the TU/e. They have a very large 3D printer and have experience with printing concrete. They have already printed a concrete bridge in Gemert, the Netherlands. Together we worked on ideas how to 3D print my design. Quite a thing, if you consider that we do not only have to 3D print the bridge in parts, but also have to make sure that the very heavy parts have to be transported, put together and be functional for a lot of years without breaking. Well, we’re almost finished talking and also ready to start the whole of the process. It will be placed in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in the beginning of 2019.