The shape of the stone

I wanted to design something that would emphasize all the good qualities of a 3D printer.

It had to be 3Dprinted relatively fast, with, just like in nature, just enough material and still strong. And I wanted a design that did not need any support structure. A form of stone that took shape from the technique.

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When designing the stone, I wanted to take all these things into account, without focusing on beauty. A bit like I thought about nature now. My perception of beauty in nature might have something to do with the need for planning, with memory or behavior as I observed it. Could it be that the structural element would eventually acquire a certain beauty?

After much humming and hawing this became the design. A somewhat deformed straight tube with round corners, with a kink in it for the strength , but not as far as it would not be printable without support structure . Hollow, using as little material as possible and easy to remove from the printer bed when finished.