The community

You can’t separate project EGG from the community.

The idea arose in the end, just before the project went public. How nice it would be, and how well would it illustrate we enter a new era, if I asked everyone with a 3Dprinter to help me and join. I did not do it to be ready sooner. I did it because I liked the idea that much. Doing something all together. The whole of the community as a new and widely spread factory.

It is also the part that kept me up at night. I don’t know if you can imagine but I started with nothing. Well, with a few stones I printed myself.
Would there be enthusiasm?

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Would I be able to find people that participated? After two announcements on two different sites something happened that I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. Within two weeks the whole of the project seemed to explode in front of me. Suddenly, across the world, China, Japan, Australia, Portugal, Spain, the US, Great Britain and so on, articles were published about project EGG. From that moment on, the mailbox was full every morning and more and more people got involved.

In return for the effort of printing the stone, you got your own name in it. I drew the stone in the computer, placed the name on it, sent the digital file to the person that had indicated to be part of the project, and after a few weeks I could receive the stone by mail.

For me, working together with so many 3Dprinters has been an overwhelming experience. So many people have participated and so many people enjoyed participating. They actually became part of the project.