A bit more nature as inspiration


An explanation I still work with is that a shape is as it is because it gets the chance to be like that. Think of sunflower seeds in a sunflower. The pattern you see in a sunflower takes shape because each seed uses the space it gets in the most comfortable way. Each seed takes the space it gets and thus a pattern forms.


The more I look at objects from nature, the more I get the idea that you experience behaviour. If you look at a leaf from a tree and you see the veins, you will follow each path subconsciously, the road these veins cover. As if you see what the veins do.

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Petrified objects, like the coral stones I have don’t just suggest behaviour. For me, it is also like a frozen moment in time. As if you realize that the stone will have a different appearance just before and after this moment. The growth and the shape are one.


At a picture of sunlight that reflects on water, I can’t resist trying to follow all the lines and connect them in mind.