Picture by Pim Feijen, www.pimfeijen.dk

Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is an initiative of Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands and Studio michiel van der kley
in collaboration with the Technical University Eindhoven.

The Bridge project is about innovation, applying new techniques in the building environment,
about 3D printing of Concrete and new ways to colaborate.

a 29 meters 3D Printed Bridge

In May 2019, a Bridge is being 3D printed in concrete. the Bridge will be placed in the city of Nijmegen in September the same year. Together with RWS, Michiel van der Kley tries to find if this technique enables us to have a much larger design freedom. The bridge is the first, of hopefully many 3D printed objects to come.

A sketch of the Bridge

We are looking for designs that are almost impossible to make with traditional techniques.
Most concrete constructions are being made with the aid of moulds. The moulds are not only expensive, they are also partly responsible for a bigger uniformity. When you 3D print, you do not use a mould. You 3D print the material in thin layers, and layer by layer, while the object kind of arises. And, you 3D print objects and parts one by one, giving it opportunities to add variety to the scene.

Apart form these advantages, we can use very powerful and unique software that will give us the ability to not just make this one model but a series of models. Models that belong to the same family but are distinctly different at the same time.

For more information please visit www.bridgeproject.nl