Bob's your Uncle

In our studio we keep focussing on all aspects of 3Dprinting. 

One of the aspects that belongs to this technique is the fact that you produce objects one by one, so you can easily add variety to these objects. Bob’s your Uncle is a collection of lamps but is also a project to show a new way of producing things. No longer do products have to be the same and mass produced. 


Typical for 3D printing. No mass production but mass customization.

Mass Customization

bob's your uncle by night
bob's your uncle white lamps

The Bob´s your Uncle collection of 3D printed Lamps was first shown in Milan in the spring of 2017.

The idea behind it was that people were able to order their own specific lamp, with their own choice of colours, shape and height.

We showed two sets of lights, one with all kind of colours, one in white, but with different structures, from very coarse to very fine and everything in between. And a twist you could decide upon yourself.

The showroom in Milan in the spring of 2017