michiel van der kley

Michiel van der Kley is a Dutch designer, exploring new boundaries.

Project EGG

Project EGG is about 3D printing, the power of Sharing and Co Creating, about new ways to create and collaborate.

Project EGG is a spacious building, consisting of 4760 stones. All stones are unique. They have been 3D-printed one by one.
Once collected, all of these stones, placed in the exact order, gave birth to this building.

Everyone with a desktop 3D was invited to print one stone.
This way, the printing community can be seen as a kind of a new and widely spread factory.


Besides experimenting with 3D printing in all its aspects, Michiel van der Kley is also designing a large collection of furniture for many companies in Holland and abroad. 

Bridge Project

The Bridge Project is an initiative of Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands and Studio michiel van der kley
in collaboration with the Technical University Eindhoven.